Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cameron Richardson Hot Gallery pics

Here is a photo spread of the ultra hot actress Cameron Richardson. The movie wasn't great but Ms. Richardson was spectacular. More recently Cameron has appeared in "Alvin & The Chipmunks," and took it off in Rise: Blood Hunter with Lucy Liu, we got some stills of that below, but be careful you may burn yourself. Cameron is also working on a TV show called "12 Miles of Bad Road" and is set to appear in new movies like "Familiar Strangers" and "Twisted." Ok here is the lovely Ms. Richardson

Cameron Richardson gorgeous blonde     Cameron Richardson incredible hottie

Cameron Richardson stunning bikini     Cameron Richardson

Cameron Richardson pouty lips high heels     Cameron Richardson movie still

Cameron Richardson posing for camera     Cameron Richardson American flag

Cameron Richardson swim suit high heels     Cameron Richardson pole dance

Cameron Richardson beach pics     Cameron Richardson gallery

Cameron Richardson lovely     Cameron Richardson getting some

Cameron Richardson pool side     Cameron Richardson hands and knees

Cameron Richardson strips for Lucy Liu     Cameron Richardson Leather chaps

Cameron Richardson black hot pants     Cameron Richardson bra & panties

Cameron Richardson cage dancing     Cameron Richardson cowgirl photo