Thursday, July 26, 2007

Amanda Bynes: Talks Hairspray on The View

Amanda Bynes appearead on the view to talk about her new movie Hairspray, which starts John Travolta. The cute star of the TV show "What I Like About You" is also set to star in upcoming movie Sydney White which comes out early next year. Amanda is yet another girl with a fashion line, this one is called Dear. Here are some cute, and sexy pics of Amanda.

Amanda Bynes bare belly     Amanda Bynes short skirt high heel boots

Amanda Bynes     Amanda Bynes cute pose

Amanda Bynes sings on stage     Amanda Bynes cute smile

Amanda Bynes bikini pics     Amanda Bynes wet

Amanda Bynes lingerie     Amanda Bynes blue bikini gallery

Amanda Bynes with cute friend     Amanda Bynes dancing on the beach

Amanda Bynes nice pants     Amanda Bynes pool pic

Amanda Bynes alluring photo     Amanda Bynes

Cute Amanda Bynes     hot blonde Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes covered in mud     Amanda Bynes kissing girl

Amanda Bynes teaser     Amanda Bynes black dress boots

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Return of Claudia Schiffer

Back around 1990, Claudia Schiffer, then a 20 year old Supermodel was the hottest woman in the world. Her face was everywhere, and why not. She was truly sensational. Claudia pretty much disappeared after the mid '90s, as she was in a "relationship" with magician David Copperfield. Claudia is back with a spread in August's Vogue Paris, and judging from these pics (the first 5 below) she is still one of the finest looking women on earth at age 37. The German uber-model as she used to be known looks like she could still be walking the runways of Paris. Luckily for us Claudia was photographed raw a couple of times back then and we have those here as well as some very hot bikini and lingerie pics. Here they are.

Claudia Schiffer Vogue Paris Cover     Claudia Schiffer French vogue august 2007

Claudia Schiffer resurfaces in Paris Vogue     Claudia Schiffer hot as ever at 37

Claudia Schiffer back in the spotlight     Claudia Schiffer thin and gorgeous

Claudia Schiffer the uber-model     Claudia Schiffer pants

Claudia Schiffer 90s pic     Claudia Schiffer spectacular

Claudia Schiffer     Claudia Schiffer open wide

Claudia Schiffer high heels & bikini     Claudia Schiffer gorgeous face

Claudia Schiffer bare     Claudia Schiffer cute

Claudia Schiffer 80s supermodel still hot     Claudia Schiffer leopard bikini

Claudia Schiffer exposed     Claudia Schiffer gold pants

Claudia Schiffer lingerie shot     Claudia Schiffer bare stomach, shorts

Friday, July 20, 2007

Penelope Cruz: Starts new Mango Fashion Line

Everyone remembers Penelope Cruz as the Tom Cruise girlfriend who was smart enough to get away from that Scientology lunatic. Penelope is now in the fashion business, Ms. Cruz, and her sister Monica, have started a fashion line called Mango (Monica Cruz who is every bit as hot as Penelope will be featured in an upcoming post. Penelope is set to star in an as yet untitled Woody Allen movie, and is will also appear in upcoming films Manolete, and Elegy. In other PC News, she recently panicked on a flight from Newark to Barcelona, and made the plane go back to the gate so she could get off. Penny also likes to throw karaoke parties for her celebrity friends, she says that they don't want to sing at first but once they do they are fighting for the mike. You won't have to fight over these Penelope pics because they are free, here they are.

Hot Penelope Cruz pose     Penelope Cruz models underwear

Penelope Cruz beach shot     Penelope Cruz lacey bra & panties

Penelope Cruz     Penelope Cruz hot legs

Penelope Cruz bott boat     Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayak

Penelope Cruz swimsuit dive     Penelope Cruz fixes bikini top after boogeyboarding

Penelope Cruz elegant black dress     Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz one piece bathing suit     Penelope Cruz hot pose

Penelope Cruz 2 hot latinas with salma     Penelope Cruz & friend at beach

Penelope Cruz     Penelope Cruz gets hit with wave