Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kristen Bell is a Hero

Kristen Bell, the star of the recently ended hit show "Veronica Mars" is not set to join Hayden Panitierre on the cast of Heroes. The 2 blondes will be trying to out sexy each other every week I'm guessing. Kristen is also on the record as loving nerds. So if there is ever Heroes Convention, you can go down there and maybe hook up with her. Meanwhile here's some hot pics of Kristen.

Kristen Bell bare belly Kristen Bell see though shirt

Kristen Bell yellow dress Kristen Bell Shape Magazine cover

Kristen Bell on stage in leather Kristen Bell cute smile

Kristen Bell Kristen Bell bed

Kristen Bell playing coy Kristen Bell blonde hair blue eyes

Kristen Bell photo Kristen Bell Heroes

Kristen Bell muscles Kristen Bell Pink Bikini

Kristen Bell fishnets Kristen Bell & Rihanna

Kristen Bell white pants Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell so cute Kristen Bell 50's Pinup
Kristen Bell sassy Kristen Bell

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anne Hathaway Bikini, Glamour, and Other Pics

Anne Hathaway the star of the new movie "Becoming Jane", was recently photographed in a bikini spread on a boat in Europe. Anne looks like she could be the next Julia Roberts with that smile. She's got a great body to match. Miss Hathaway was recently spotted singing some karaoke in Capri Italy while on vacation. Here are various nice, and not so nice pics of Anne.

Anne Hathaway thigh high leather high heel boots Anne Hathaway blue bikini

back view of Anne Hathaway bikini Anne Hathaway showing off

Anne Hathaway red carpet pretty shoes Anne Hathaway gorgeous smile

Anne Hathaway no shirt in car Anne Hathaway crawling in green dress

Anne Hathaway looking hot in bikini pic Anne Hathaway hat and 2 piece swimsuit

Anne Hathaway brown leather jacket & boots Anne Hathaway fishnet top, high heels

Anne Hathaway exposing herself Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway glamour shot Anne Hathaway on bed

Anne Hathaway crawling Anne Hathaway in bikini

Anne Hathaway relaxing on boat Anne Hathaway no shirt in convertible

Anne Hathaway getting some Anne Hathaway making out in car

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jennifer Garner Loves Leather

Jennifer Garner is the star of "Alias" and the recently completed movies "The Kingdom," and "Juno" She has been spending her time lately hanging out with Ben Affleck and their daughter Violet. Jennifer is a hottie, and apparently she loves posing for the camera, especially in leather outfits, as you can see by her attire in several different shoots. Here's some hot pics of Jennifer.

Jennifer Garner big pouty lips Jennifer Garner dressed in leather

Jennifer Garner in black Jennifer Garner nice

Jennifer tight dress Jennifer Garner mini skirt high heel leather boots

Jennifer Garner getting undressed Jennifer Garner black leather boots

Jennifer Garner rides a Harley Jennifer Garner bare ripped back

Jennifer Garner hot pic Jennifer Garner leather top, and skirt

Jennifer Garner high heel shoes Jennifer Garner tight pants

Jennifer Garner gorgeous pose Jennifer Garner pokie workout

Jennifer Garner stocking, garder, & riding crop Jennifer Garner cute headshot

Jennifer Garner strict Jennifer Garner plays a mean girl

leather photoshoot Jennifer Garner doll baby in leather