Thursday, August 31, 2006

Christina Aguilera In Chaps and other Nice Things.

Christina Aguilera has a new album out. So what better time then now to feature her in a layout. This girl likes to wear some pretty hot outfits, and we have them here. Take a look.

christina aguilera tight blue shiny pants     christina aguilera face

christina aguilera bed     christina aguilera high leather boots, bare stomach

christina aguilera bending over in panties     christina aguilera buffed back

christina aguilera brunette     christina aguilera curly blonde

christina aguilera fishnet stockings     christina aguilera booty

christina aguilera posing      christina aguilera in pool

christina aguilera on beach     christina aguilera getting undressed

     christina aguilera showing boot

christina aguilera leather bikini     christina aguilera yellow chaps

Friday, August 25, 2006

Cute Pics of Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood, she has 2 new movies coming out in the near future, Outward Blonde, and Foodfight. Hilary was also in Material Girls and Cheaper by The Dozen 2. She is also a singer. Here are some cute pics of Hilary

Hilary Duff tight short skirt, hot     Hilary Duff tight white pants and top

Hilary Duff Head shot     Hilary Duff beautiful

Hillary Duff     Hilary Duff oh so cute

Hilary Duff getting chunky     Hilary Duff young and sweet

Hilary Duff  in leather     Hilary Duff on a couch

Hilary Duff in high heels     Hilary Duff hot pose

Hilary Duff babydoll     Hilary Duff thick butt

Hilary Duff black top     Hilary Duff stockings

Hilary Duff short pink vinyl skirt     Hilary Duff von dutch leather pants

Hilary Duff cowboy boots     Hilary Duff pretty face

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jennifer Lopez Many fine Hot Pics.

Today we have our biggest posting ever 41 Pics of Jennifer Lopez. J-Lo has been around for a while and has taken lots of sexy pics. This is a sampling of that.
She's been married a few times now, been in a bunch of movies, and had some hit songs. Here she is J-LO

Jennifer Lopez white boots on a vespa     Jennifer Lopez leather shorts see thru top

Jennifer Lopez topless, white hat     Jennifer Lopez pouting in the corner

Jennifer Lopez headphones, boots and gloves     Jennifer Lopez on the beach

Jennifer Lopez spreading on a couch     Jennifer Lopez tight jeans and tie

Jennifer Lopez up against a wall     Jennifer Lopez hot bikini pic

Jennifer Lopez strap up shorts     Jennifer Lopez bareback cowboy hat

Jennifer Lopez tight white dress     Jennifer Lopez covering with hands

Jennifer Lopez front and back bikini view     Jennifer Lopez hot legs and high heels

Jennifer Lopez showing off the butt     Jennifer Lopez crawling

Jennifer Lopez more pics     Jennifer Lopez boots, leather dress, Harley

Jennifer Lopez cut off shorts, bare belly     Jennifer Lopez cute hat album poster

Jennifer Lopez high stockings on the floor     Jennifer Lopez posing on a sofa

Jennifer Lopez tight blue top     Jennifer Lopez hiked up slip

Jennifer Lopez warrior princess     Jennifer Lopez tube top, bikini bottom

Jennifer Lopez fully     Jennifer Lopez spreading legs long white dress

Jennifer Lopez wallpaper     Jennifer Lopez on a chair

Jennifer Lopez grabbing her ankles     Jennifer Lopez nice shirt

Jennifer Lopez talk to the hand     Jennifer Lopez black sand beach

Jennifer Lopez ultra fine     Jennifer Lopez movie shot

Jennifer Lopez underwear model     Jennifer Lopez showing all

Jennifer Lopez vespa and hot pants