Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sophie Monk Pics: Austrailian Singer & Model

Sophie Monk is the beautiful blonde Australian singer and model. Sophie has also appeared in movies, "Date Movie" to be exact, and why not, take a look at her below. Speaking of dates, the Celebublogs are reporting that Ms. Monk is single. Apparetnly she was dating some dude in some band but now it's over. Sophie recently hosted MTV's Video Music Awards. So what could be better than a big photo spread of Sophie?

Sophie Monk tight dress     Sophie Monk white straps

Sophie Monk awesome face     Sophie Monk austrailian hottie

Sophie Monk tight top high heels     Sophie Monk lingerie pose

Sophie Monk bikini bottom     Sophie Monk movie still

Sophie Monk bikini     Sophie Monk cute smile

Sophie Monk headshot     Sophie Monk VMA host

Sophie Monk Aussie singer     Sophie Monk nice pics

Sophie Monk modeling     Sophie Monk PETA advertisment

Sophie Monk smiling     Sophie Monk spectacular

Sophie Monk pouty lips     Sophie Monk bathroom

Sophie Monk blonde bombshell     Sophie Monk magazine covergirl

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Isla Fisher Pics: More Than Definitely Maybe

Isla Fisher is the hot redhead who is starring in the new movie "Definitely Maybe" She is also the wife of Sasha Barron Cohen a.k.a Borat, but we will try to forgive her for that. Isla has also was the crazy girl in "Wedding Crashers" and is set to soon start shooting a new film called "Groupies" The voluptuous babe from Scotland is a star on the rise, here's the pics.

Isla Fisher tight black pants     Isla Fisher red high heels

Isla Fisher beautiful redhead     Isla Fisher shirt & panties

Isla Fisher cocktail dress     Isla Fisher underwear model

Isla Fisher  American movie star     Isla Fisher white bikini

Isla Fisher red carpet pose     Isla Fisher on her kneees

Isla Fisher cowboy boots     Isla Fisher black stockings

Isla Fisher movie still     Isla Fisher movie still

Isla Fisher bikini & spike heels     Isla Fisher cute pose

Isla Fisher clinging dress     Isla Fisher big smile

Isla Fisher flashing nurse     Isla Fisher wedding crashers still

Isla Fisher dancing for you     Isla Fisher ready & waiting