Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jamie Pressley

Jamie Pressley, she's been on My Name is Earl, and Las Vegas. She also likes to pose without any clothing, which of course is a good thing. You be the judge.

jamie pressley crawling jamie pressley against a  fence no top

jamie pressley lounges on a bed in the desert jamie pressley relaxing on the sheets

Jamie pressley garter and stockings jamie pressley having a drink

jamie pressley spreading them jamie pressley yeah baby

jamie pressley hot bikini jamie pressley honey sweet

jamie pressley high heels jamie pressley looking good

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Anna Kournikova Tennis Player, Now Model

While she may not be burning up the news as much these days, Anna Kournikova was the hottest Tennis player ever. Even though she never won a major tournament, she was in the top 10 of womens tennis for at least 5 years. Anna is from Russia. Remember how when you were a kid the American Media portrayed Russian women as frumpy, fat, and ugly? They lied, Anna is living proof.

Anna Kournikova bikini beach     Anna Kournikova beach crab walk

Anna Kournikova getting wet     Anna Kournikova cowboy hat

Anna Kournikovas bottom     Anna Kournikova early pic

Anna Kournikova     Anna Kournikova pulling off bikini bottom

Anna Kournikova red russian pigtails     Anna Kournikova gallery

Anna Kournikova exposed     Anna Kournikova tennis skirt

Anna Kournikova squatting in high heels     Anna Kournikova hot

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Monica Bellucci

Here are some pictures of Monica Bellucci, Monica is from Italy, she is a big star in Europe, as well as here in The U.S. Monica was in The Passion of The Christ, The Matrix Reloaded, and Sinbad. Here are some nice pics of Monica

Monica Bellucci     Monica Bellucci waves to a photographer

Monica Bellucci     Monica Bellucci headshot

Monica Bellucci laying on the beach     Monica Bellucci on a bed

Italian beauty Monica Bellucci under the covers     Monica Bellucci wild hair

Monica Bellucci in water     Monica Bellucci hot

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

More Jessica Alba Pics.

So Nice we had to bring her in twice. More great pics from Jessica, She is in production now with Fantastic Four 2, and Sin City 2, and is going to be on the MTV Movie awards. We've got more and better pics from the first time around, heres Jessica.

Jessica Alba gloves boots     Jessica Alba shirt

Jessica Alba leather chaps bare stomach     Jessica Alba bikini

Jessica Alba butt out on beach     Jessica Alba latina

Jessica Alba eating lollipop     Jessica Alba scratching

Jessica Alba high boots red carpet     Jessica Alba high heels lingerie

Jessica Alba     Jessica Alba in the sand

Jessica Alba in fish net stockings and heels     Jessica Alba pic.

Jessica Alba covered in sheet     Jessica Alba pulling down panties

Jessica Alba face

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