Monday, November 13, 2006

Vanessa Marcil from The Hospital to Las Vegas

Here's a hottie that has been burning up TV screens for years, first in General Hospital, and latetly on the TV show "Las Vegas," which starrs James Caan from "The Godfather" Fame. "Las Vegas" is filmed inside the Mandalay Bay, a nice hotel, if you ever get to Vegas and need a place to stay, Here is Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil tight white pants     Vanessa Marcil see through top

Vanessa Marcil vegas baby     Vanessa Marcil clothing

Vanessa Marcil white panties     Vanessa Marcil tight jeans

Vanessa Marcil high heels     Vanessa Marcil belly

Vanessa Marcil bare elegance     Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil cute     Vanessa Marcil white pants and heels

Vanessa Marcil face     Vanessa Marcil hot

Vanessa Marcil bikini beach     Vanessa Marcils double

Vanessa Marcil in bed     Vanessa Marcil wallpaper

Vanessa Marcil showing tubes     Vanessa Marcil tight gold dress

Vanessa Marcil in white     Vanessa Marcil squatting

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jessica Alba: The Girl We Just Can't Get Enough Of.

She's back for the third time. Only 2 others have been back twice, but Jessica Alba is on top. The hottest young star in Hollywood bar none. She has more movies coming out, and just loves to pose for pictures. Fantastic Four 2 Will be out soon, so once again here she is... and she will soon be back for even more....Jessica!
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Hot Jessica Alba     Beautiful Jessica Alba

hottie Jessica Alba     awesome Jessica Alba

lovely Jessica Alba     unbelievable Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba kitten     Jessica Alba hot

Jessica Alba nice     Jessica Alba so fine

Jessica Alba yeah     Jessica Alba loves it

     Jessica Alba on fire

     movie star Jessica Alba

Latina Jessica Alba     superstar Jessica Alba

Honey babe Jessica Alba     Wild Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba ooh baby     Jessica Alba is so hott

Jessica Alba posing     Jessica Alba pic

Jessica Alba photo     Jessica Alba layout

Jessica Alba pic spread     Jessica Alba on location

Jessica Alba voluptious     Jessica Alba come hither

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