Saturday, July 22, 2006

Katherine Heigl's Anatomy (Its not grey)

Here are some hot pics of Katherine Heigl, who currently stars on the TV show, Grey's Anatomy. We first saw here in a movie called "My Father the Hero" where she freaked out Gerard Depardieu by wearing a timy bikini in front of him. She's grown up since then, and has all new assets. See below for confirmation. She's also been in movies like "The Bride of Chucky" "Ringer" and Wuthering Heights".
The last pick, possibly fake, you be the judge. Here she is.

Katherine Heigl sweater puppies     Katherine Heigl Leather jacket

Katherine Heigl high heels     Katherine Heigl underwear

Katherine Heigl sweet girl     Katherine Heigl tight sweater, short skirt

Katherine Heigl young bikini     Katherine Heigl hot pose

Katherine Heigl by the pool     Katherine Heigl nice photo

Katherine Heigl toned back     Katherine Heigl greys anatomy

Katherine Heigl     Katherine Heigl bikini beach

Katherine Heigl sexy pose     Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl     Katherine Heigl having fun

Katherine Heigl actress     Katherine Heigl black dress

Katherine Heigl laying on floor     Katherine Heigl shower scene

Katherine Heigl montage     Katherine Heigl red hair

Katherine Heigl     Katherine Heigl undressed

Katherine Heigl red dress     Katherine Heigl real? of fake?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Olsen Twins. Double Your Pleasure.

Here they are. The Olsen Twins. You know them from Full House. (or maybe not, come on admit it, you've seen the show at least once. They are also in movies, and produce. Looks like they have a very close twin relationship. Here's some pics, see what I mean.

Olsen Twins butt.     Olsen Twins get close.

Olsen Twins French Maids.     Olsen Twins pillow fight.

Olsen Twins hugging, very cute.     Olsen Twins touching, ready to do it.

Olsen Twins Pose in bedroom .     Olsen Twins  angels.

Olsen Twins at the beach.     The Olsen Twins bikinis.

The Olsen Twins on the farm.     The Olsen Twins holding each other .

The Olsen Twins in leather.     The Olsen Twins rubbing each other.

The Olsen Twins in haute couture.     The Olsen Twins billboard.

The Olsen Twins teen magazine cover.     

The Olsen Twins bikini wrestling.     

Monday, July 10, 2006

Heather Grahams Reasons Why.

Here are some verrry nice pics of Heather Graham, you know her from Austin Powers 2, and other movies like Bowfinger with Steve Martin, and Eddie Murphy. She was also in Anger Management, and the TV show Scrubs among others. Her ABC show that came out last year didn't last long, but judging by these pics. She'll be back.

Heather Graham headshot, sexy blue eyes     Heather Graham tight dress, bubbles

Heather Graham relaxing     Heather Graham red dress and High heels

Heather Graham looking cute on the floor     Heather Graham see through top

Heather Graham movie still     Austin Powers girl Heather Graham

Heather Graham hot pic red top     Heather Graham swinging on a chain in swimsuit

Heather Graham Seventies hat and halter top bare stomach     Heather Grahams Towel Rack

Heather GRRRRRaham God d**m she is a hottie     Heather Graham tight top, Hot pants

Heather Graham     Heather Graham on the cover of Talk Magazine

Heather Graham Hot Lingerie     Heather Graham showing what she's got